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"Carla "

Materials :polyester, stuffed, muslin, soft sculpture dressed in silk with Coke- bottle skirt; driftwood; painted wood base with sponge- and-fine-gravel texture. 



One of my favorite artists is

Colette Wolff

Here are several views of works  by 

Ms. Colette Wolff,  

author of The Art of Manipulating Fabric originally published by 

Chilton Books, 

second edition  now published by Krause Publications.  

She is also the owner of Platypus, 

a mail order company with a catalog featuring dolls, soft toys and tiny quilts. 

The Art of Manipulating Fabric is THE book of techniques to shape and texture fabric.

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Painted wood box 9" x 9" x 3" deep.

  Machine-created gold and silver lace with seed bead highlights


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"Noblesse Oblige"

polyester-stuffed, muslin,

 soft sculpture; acrylic-painted body and head; cape constructed of wire, string, fur, chicken bones, wooden buttons, steel tacks, aluminum strips; painted wood base and pedestal


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"The Other Side of the Moon"

quilted tapestry - 60" x 60

unbleached muslin 25 - 12" blocks, 

24 different 9-patch formats, 1 free- form block manipulated, 

three-dimensional surface designed with over 100 fabric manipulation techniques.


hands.JPG (7766 bytes)


 12" x 12" wood base finished with clear acrylic.

Polyester-stuffed muslin hands, sponge, clear plastic container.


to contact Ms. Wolff please click here


all photographs on this page by Carla Lopez 

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